Lisa Bourdon

Hello! I'm Lisa Bourdon.

My passion is for purposeful business, and I believe the foundation of purposeful business is:

People empowered.
Processes perfected.
Profits aplenty.

How? By transforming the traditional paradigms that shape how leaders lead and organizations are organized — so that human capital is capitalized and profits are plentiful.

That’s what I do. Passionately, on purpose. Want to know how I do it?

Lisa, you have an uncanny ability to ask the right (and sometimes hard) questions. And then, with clarity, compassion and humor, you guide me to find my answers. Because of you, I know to ask myself, “What is it that I really want?” And better yet, now I know how to put the answers into action. Every organization needs a "Lisa" to guide them!
— Regina Birrenkott
Senior Director, Mendez Foundation