Lisa Bourdon

Hello! I'm Lisa Bourdon.

My passion is for purposeful business, and I believe the foundation of purposeful business is:

People empowered.
Processes perfected.
Profits aplenty.

How? By transforming the traditional paradigms that shape how leaders lead and organizations are organized — so that human capital is capitalized and profits are plentiful.

That’s what I do. Passionately, on purpose. Want to know how I do it?

Lisa, no doubt you are extremely talented and gifted! But if I had to choose one thing that has positively affected me (and the Foundation) it would be your expertise at teasing apart tangles. As if by magic, you transform sticky situations into moments where everybody does their best work and everybody gets their best outcome. All organizations need a "Lisa".
— Regina Birrenkott
Senior Director, Mendez Foundation